Rumor Has It

Rumor Has It is a tabletop rpg for 3-5 people with traitor mechanics where you take on the roles of partygoers at a gathering of your choosing. Each character has a rumor that is true about them, and their job is to keep that rumor safe while discovering the rumors others are hiding.  All the while, you’re drowningContinue reading “Rumor Has It”

Way of the 4 Elements Monk Remaster

Perhaps what made me think I had what it took to make a blog on RPG design and stuff was this effort with /u/SpiketailDrake on Reddit.  The remastering of the 4 Elements Monk from 5th Edition!  (Here is the old Reddit Link from years ago where our discussion took place.) I helped with the powerContinue reading “Way of the 4 Elements Monk Remaster”