Rumor Has It

Rumor Has It is a tabletop rpg for 3-5 people with traitor mechanics where you take on the roles of partygoers at a gathering of your choosing. Each character has a rumor that is true about them, and their job is to keep that rumor safe while discovering the rumors others are hiding.  All the while, you’re drowning in a sea of falsehoods as others spread lies about you! How dare they!

Cover of Rumor Has It with art by @tinyborb

Throughout the night, you’ll try to accomplish goals that range from finding love to getting even, and as you do, will gain Charm and Spite points that can be used to slowly reveal the true rumors that are being hidden by others. Be careful, though, or else you may inadvertently give away your own secrets!

It’s a 2d6 system with playing cards that represent rumors. One die is “Charm” while the other is “Spite”, and the results depend on which die had the higher result. Rumors can be hidden, collected, and used throughout the game to help and hinder.

My wife came up with the name as callback to the Adele song and some of her favorite movies like “Mean Girls” and “10 Things I Hate About You.”

This is my first Game Jam submission, and the game is free! If you would like to donate, please know that all donations go directly to Climate Change initiatives such as the Clean Air Task Force.

Check it out here:

A shout out to all my fellow developers out there and James Lennox-Gordon for hosting the #1pRPGjam! Thank you very much!

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