Welcome to Knaves and Saves, a site focused on building roleplaying games, modding them, reviewing them, making new ones, and exploring how story and language come together to create beautiful works of art. Knaves and Saves is intent on building up a series of both free and to-purchase games that explore and expand your gaming options. We also have the occasional odd article delving into history and narrative structure, which is aimed at providing inspiration for weaving your own tales!

Featured Games

Rumor Has It is a rules-light, tabletop role-playing game where one secret is true and the rest are just rumor. Protect your secret while uncovering the others, using charm and spite as you see fit!

Sci-Fi High is a rules-light, one-page tabletop roleplaying game focusing on changing relationships amongst your fellow students in a sci-fi school of your design! Can be played in a galaxy far far away or in your own solar system.

Coming Soon!

Codename: AIFE is a module for D&D 5th Edition with mechanics for an expanded crafting system with gathering herbs and collecting monster parts. Includes hunts for reagents, along with eight sample hunts for your GM, new magical items, monsters, and more!

Recent Posts

Rumor Has It

Rumor Has It is a tabletop rpg for 3-5 people with traitor mechanics where you take on the roles of partygoers at a gathering of your choosing. Each character has a rumor that is true about them, and their job is to keep that rumor safe while discovering the rumors others are hiding.  All the while, you’re drowning…


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