Way of the 4 Elements Monk Remaster

Perhaps what made me think I had what it took to make a blog on RPG design and stuff was this effort with /u/SpiketailDrake on Reddit.  The remastering of the 4 Elements Monk from 5th Edition!  (Here is the old Reddit Link from years ago where our discussion took place.)

I helped with the power balancing, ability naming, and passive ability creation.  I’m proud of the work as it was accepted as balanced once it was released with many of the changes I had argued for with Spiketail.

Way of the 4 Elements Monk
Link to Most Recent Version

I’ve linked the lat version I helped (last paragraph of “Special Thanks” with and the most recent version (that I know of).  There are some things in the most recent version that I disagree with, like providing 10ft reach for Fist of Unbroken Air without spending Ki.

In the original version, I argued for passives tied to each element, coming up with “Snakes Icy Path”, “Enduring Mountain Stance”, serious balancing on “Unrelenting Flames” and others.

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