Making an RPG is Hard Work

So, I know my last post was a loooong time ago, and I thought I would have something to throw up for folks to look at in short order. The problem is that making an RPG is more difficult than it looks, and so I’ve been re-iterating over my design for months now.

It’s still meant to be a simple system, but I’ve found that I don’t want to just copy the folks that are out there and instead want to come up with something that’s a little more me.  Some slick design decisions wouldn’t be half-bad either.

So I’m working on stuff.

In the meantime, check this out:  It’s a small paper that describes the 8 ways people have fun in games.  If I read it right, it’s meant to be a formalization of “fun”, and it  seems aimed at describing the fun inherent in a game (and which type of fun there is).

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