Sci-Fi High! (Click here to Download!)

A 1(ish)-Page RPG that originally started out as my “Star Wars Characters in Highschool” RPG dubbed “Yavin High-Five!”  I’ll keep working on the emotional state mechanic, but in the meantime, here you can download and play the game.  Comes with a spiffy character sheet!  Two-sided printing may be best here.  (Apologies to mobile users who may have a hard time seeing/loading the PDF.)

Way of the 4 Elements Monk (Click here to Download!)
(Power Balancing Assistance; Passive Ability Creation)
Link to Most Recent Version

This is /u/SpiketailDrake’s Remastered Way of the Four Elements Monk.  I’ve linked the lat version I helped (last paragraph of “Special Thanks” with and the most recent version (that I know of).  There are some things in the most recent version that I disagree with, like providing 10ft reach for Fist of Unbroken Air without spending Ki.

In the original version, I argued for passives tied to each element, coming up with “Snakes Icy Path”, “Enduring Mountain Stance”, serious balancing on “Unrelenting Flames” and others.